AFSA Safety - Distance Delivery Program

AFSA Safety Online is a training, quality assurance, certification and accreditation program delivered by independent third parties on behalf of the Australian fertiliser industry. The various parts of the program are brought together by a licensing system.

The program scope includes environment, food safety and occupational health and safety issues associated with fertiliser and soil ameliorant products throughout the supply chain. The industry’s objectives are to manage risk and liability and to maintain an effective position in public policy development in these areas.
The program focuses on providing high quality advice to users of fertilisers to allow them to maximise productivity and minimise environment and food safety risk.

The training offered via this website, is the same material offered by the AFSA, instructor lead training which ultimately leads to certification under the AFSA banner.

This website training version, provides the opportunity for farmers, property owners, managers, staff and anyone involved in the handling, spreading or transport of fertiliser to benefit from the formal AFSA training material, without impacting on day to day operations.  By utilizing the web delivered training of the AFSA material, you can study and review material at your leisure, any time, any day, and concentrate on those areas of most interest. 

Although the training material is the same as the formal, instructor lead training sessions, there is no formal recognition of completion of the material, rather a certificate of completion is provided.  The certificate can be used to demonstrate that the material and the review questions have been completed to a satisfactory level.